Great Performances Require Great Technique!

The keys to great performances start with:

  1. Posture:           Relaxation and Balance
  2. Breathing:        Diaphragmatic Quietness
  3. Support:          Consistency
  4. Phonation:       Balance and Co-ordination
  5. Registers:        One Voice – Smooth Transitions
  6. Resonance:     Ring and Efficiency
  7. Expression:      Dynamics, Color, and Flexibility
  8. Interpretation:   Emotional Commitment

For 1-7, come and see me.  Vocal Technique is like Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs – The better you are at 1-7  – the more you’ll be able to do number 8!

You’ll also travel from Unconscious Incompetence (you don’t even know you’re doing it wrong) to Conscious Incompetence (you’re doing it often enough that you’re losing your voice, there’s pain when you sing, or parts of your voice have big gaps like between your belt voice and your head voice).

After a series of exercises designed exactly for you (I won’t even TALK about the things you naturally do correctly), you’ll come into Conscious Competence – or know you’re doing it right – but you still have to think about it.

Our goal together, and it might take a couple of lessons or a couple of years of lessons, is Unconscious Competence!  That means your muscles do it without you even giving it a thought!

You’ll see POSITIVE RESULTS on your first lesson.  Click on Private Lessons to book your first session!

Once your reach Unconscious Competence, I’ll send you to this guy!