Private Lessons

Strong vocal technique is the basis for all singing styles. If your focus is musical theater or pop; then you’ve come to the right place!

A safe environment where you can take risks and explore your voice is the key to vocal growth and expansion. The application of the Belle Canto Technique will produce:

  • an impeccable production throughout the singer’s (seamless) range
  • the use of a light tone in the higher registers
  • a pleasing, well-focused tone
  • a clean attack
  • clear diction, and
  • graceful phrasing rooted in a complete mastery of breath control.

Private lessons are held at my Upper West Side studio in New York and now in St Paul MN!!

(If you’re on tour or out of the city, I offer coaching via Skype.)

Contact me to schedule a lesson.


Bel Canto is Italian for, “beautiful singing”. When done correctly, the continuity of each tone allows the singer to fully utilize breath compression and produce a rich tone with minimum effort. This is combined with fluid phrasing producing rich, beautiful sound. The result is a light, soaring quality that makes singing virtually effortless.