Finding a voice teacher can be a deeply personal quest. The level of trust and communication needed is immeasurable. In our first session Louis easily proved that he deserves top marks across the board. He possesses a vast amount of knowledge and was able to communicate in a way that I could easily understand and implement quickly. He got me singing easier than I ever have in my entire life, and I couldn’t be more thankful. I left his studio feeling far more confident in my technique and vocal health all around! Can’t wait for more!!
Dieter Bierbrauer

“I’ve had a couple of truly phenomenal voice teachers in my life and I didn’t think I’d ever find another teacher who could live up to their level of compassion and expertise.  But, recently I had an opportunity to meet and have a session with Louis, and he showed me I was wrong. He listened to me sing, assessed the situation both visually and audibly, and immediately had fixes and tweaks to improve my sound production. He checked in with how I felt about all of it, both emotionally and physically, which was also very appreciated. I am a singer who makes her living doing musical theater, jazz, and the occasional opera gig – a wide variety of musical styles, and Louis has a handle on it all. If you’re a singer looking to smooth out those bumps between registers, to unify the voice into one smooth and clear instrument, try Louis.  If you want to be singing with less effort and producing a more beautiful sound, try Louis. If you want a teacher who is kind, funny, and easy to be with, TRY LOUIS. He’s the kind of guy you could easily sit and have a cup of coffee with and have a wonderful time. I highly recommend Louis Sacco as a voice teacher,  or even someone with whom to have an occasional vocal tuneup.  I’m so grateful to have found him, and I know I’ll be back soon.  Ann Michaels

“I often worry that as I get older, it will (and has thus far) become more and more difficult to learn new things and break bad habits. This is true of many things, but my faith was renewed through a single vocal session with Louis Sacco.  Not only is he exponentially knowledgeable about vocal technique, but he is also an amazing communicator that understands how to relay complicated information to the less educated ear.  Mr. Sacco is incredibly kind and is just as thoughtful and genuine with his encouragement as he is with his feedback and critiques. He gently kept me accountable and made me feel instantly comfortable to ‘just try’ and make a mistake.  He allowed me to learn things about my instrument I never knew I had control over and has single-handedly opened up a newfound curiosity about my vocal potential- even at my age.  I would recommend Louis to any performer who has any remote interest in improving themselves. And well, frankly, shouldn’t that be everyone? My utmost gratitude, Louis, truly.   Sheena Janson Kelly

Have you ever had that rare occasion of “…meeting an old friend for the first time?”  Of meeting that person whose warmth, affability and genuine spirit leave you both captivated and sharing details of your life you haven’t told another person in years?  Well, if you haven’t that’s what you’ll experience when you join Louis Sacco for one of his transformational and empowering professional vocal “tune-up” sessions. I refer to his vocal coaching as a professional tune-up, first, because he is the consummate professional and leaves you feeling like you’ve been treated as one. Second, if you happened to know anything about a car, the voice not unlike the engine of a car, needs a tune-up from time to time to increase efficiency, performance and the longevity of the motor…or in our case the voice. Louis provides you with a range of skills, techniques and exercises that are not only intuitive, straight-forward and easy to follow but ones that are also effective and results oriented. He has a sensitivity, knowledgeability and overall command of his own instrument that makes the time you spend with him feel not only nurturing but affirming and encouraging as well.  It is Louis Sacco’s breed of infectious enthusiasm, commitment to craft and dedication to making sure your voice is road worthy for many years to come that gives me pause and cause to submit this testimonial and recommendation that you schedule your one-on-one session today. You’ll be singing his praises in no time…too!       T.Mychael Rambo

 “Louis isn’t just a teacher he is a life coach. He uses performance and voice to communicate with people of all ages and get them to become what they want to be. He helped me get my voice to a new level of comfort and ease when I sing. As a collaborator Louis’ mind takes no time clicking with the tone of the piece and I’m so proud of the work he and I did together on our award winning  musical, Crazy, Just Like Me.” – Drew Gasparini

Louis is incredible. He has taken my voice to levels I didn’t even know I had in me!! I feel so much more confident in my singing now than I ever have. He has a way of helping you to open up and just let go, and makes you feel comfortable in the process.” – Alexi Melvin

“Louis Sacco is one of the best singing teachers I have ever been around in my life. And if that wasn’t enough, he understands how to reach his students in a very effective way, with a care usually only extended to members of family. He has brought my abilities as a singer to the forefront, and I’m continuin g to learn everyday. I can’t wait to thank him, in a speech, in front of the world.” – Nick Howard

“I have studied voice with a lot of different instructors over the past 20 years, all with impeccable credentials and impressive client lists, but none of them has been as effective as Louis. Since I began studying with him, my focus, range and control have increased dramatically—all with a new and improved economy of effort. And with that has come greater confidence at auditions and on stage. What’s more, working with Louis is a real joy. He creates a positive, relaxed atmosphere that provides the ideal setting for honing your craft. A great voice teacher has to be part instructor, part repairman, and part cheerleader. Louis is all of this and more.” – Scott Evans

“Louis has been an integral part of my success, opening my voice and helping me fine tune audition material. I look forward to continuing this productive relationship for years to come.” – Perryn Pomatto

landon_tina_main“I was thinking ‘man, I gotta find that warm-up CD that Louis made me cause I haven’t been warming up and his technique keeps my vocals in check.” – Tina Landon, Choreographer for Janet Jackson, Pink, Prince, Pussycat Dolls to name only a few.

-2“Working with Louis has been an absolute dream!! Not only does he know the voice mechanism, but he has such an easy way of explaining vocal technique so I can understand and make adjustments successfully. After my first two lessons with Louis, I walked away knowing more about my voice than I knew after two years of training. Singing has never been easier! My vocal range has improved as well as my vocal quality. I have a more open sound which gives me more versatility as a singer!! I look forward to my lesson every week, because I hear and feel the progress right away! It is an amazing feeling to no longer be restricted by my old singing habits. I am so grateful to have Louis as a teacher and a friend! He is so supportive and wants all of his students to succeed!” – Kasie Gasparini

“Louis’ method just makes sense. After my first lesson, I put his technique teachings into my performances, and saw an immediate and obvious improvement in the sound and the ease of my vocals. And it just keeps getting better!”  Martin Fowler – http://www.martindfowler.com



“I have studied with many highly qualified
singing teachers in NYC, at the Professional Performing Arts School, Laguardia Arts, Circle in the Square Theatre School, and with B’way professionals. Of course they were great, but NO TEACHER has made singing technique click for me the way Louis has. As an actor/dancer/singer, my confidence with singing was wavering on the side of quitting when I first came to have a lesson with him, and over the past year, I have come to hone my ability more than I ever thought possible!!  In each lesson with Louis, we’ll be working on an exercise, and a lightbulb goes on in my head- “Oh, that’s what I have to do? got it!!” He explains the technique so clearly. Working with Louis is a pleasure, and inspiring for me to keep at it!” – Tess Frazer


Album back cover 500 pxface“As a professional singer and recording artist for several years, I’ve been fortunate to work with some of the best vocal coaches, and Louis Sacco is definitely one of those at the top.  For the past year, I’ve been working with Louis as a vocal technician and have been wonderfully surprised at the results. Whether it’s musical theater or classical repertoire, every week brings new information and improved technique.

Louis’ genuine admiration for the human instrument, his wit and his passion in creative exploration
combine in bringing his students to a new level of excellence. All this makes Louis Sacco one of the finest vocal technicians/coaches I’ve ever had the privilege of working with. I would recommend him to any singer/performer/recording artist
who is serious in mastering the art of singing.”

Jane Bakken
Singer/Recording Artist/Composer
DreamWalker Productions
Elegance Publishing/ASCAP
@CarmenRose12 (Twitter)

HANNAH_KLOEPFER_0155 copy 2What continues to amaze me most is Louis’ personalization and intuition during lessons. Whether it’s the anxious excitement (and thus tension) of an upcoming performance or audition, the sniffly aftermath of a seasonal cold, or the ambition to break free of type or push boundaries of style, Louis knows how to nurture and empower your instrument. Having come to him as a classically trained lyric soprano seeking more power, belt, and contemporary strength, I have been absolutely transformed, all while respecting and maintaining the integrity of my past training. It was a matter of adding tools to the toolbox, not taking them away. And with this increased range and stamina has also come better vocal health! With Louis’ warm-ups in my arsenal, I’m consistently at the ready for new roles, gigs, and auditions, without the fear of whether my voice can handle it. It can. And Louis has given me the tools and the confidence to believe it. He’s an incredible teacher, mentor, and friend. Thanks, Louis! www.hannahkloepfer.com @hannahkloepfer IG: HannahKloepfer
UnknownLouis has opened up my voice to a richness and strength I did not know my instrument was capable of producing. Not only do I feel like a better vocalist technically, I feel like a better storyteller and musician. Louis’ unstoppably positive manner and joy for teaching has built my confidence as a performer and allowed me to find my voice, literally and figuratively.

Lauren T. Mack

“Louis is a godsend– he has helped me find so much in my voice that I never knew existed! His lessons have given me much more confidence in myself to really go for it. Not only is his way of teaching made completely understandable and clear, but he makes you feel so at ease in the room! I have never felt more comfortable singing than I have with him. He truly is a gift, and I am so lucky to be working with him!”
  Holland Lane Curtis